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Retro Racers Fabric Collection by Lily Girl Paper
Retro Racers Fabric Collection by Lily Girl Paper

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I am so excited to finally launch my very first fabric collection, "Retro Racers"! These fun patterns were inspired by colorful, vintage race cars. The idea of doing a collection around race cars came to me as a way to honor my dad. He has always loved racing and used to work on pit crews at the local race track when he was younger. As the dad of 3 girly girls there wasn’t much time spent at the race track as time went on, but there was often a race on the TV on Sunday afternoons! While my sisters and I weren’t too into the racing scene, I did inherit his love of loud engines and, I have to admit, fast driving!

With this collection I wanted to incorporate a variety of colors so hopefully it will appeal to not only boys, but also the girly girls who love their daddies and fast cars! I envision them on cute PJs, outfits for family days at the track, bedding, fun wallpaper, and so much more!

I would love to see what you create with these designs! Please tag me in your Instagram posts (@lilygirlpaper) so that I can share your work and hopefully help you grow your own small businesses!

Stay tuned for more collections coming soon!

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